Serendipity’s “MidWest” …Grilled cheese options

The French Onion

We take the onions out of a batch of French Onion soup, and put them back into a

grilled cheese with mozzarella, Parmesan, and gruyere, all on Gonnella sour dough.

Oprah’s Favorite

This grilled cheese is complete with shredded Havarti, Roma tomatoes, and fresh basil,

on Gonnella sour dough.

The Spin Dip

We take fresh & creamy; spinach & artichoke dip, and put it on Gonnella sour dough,

for an extremely rich & decadent grilled cheese experience.

Sargent Pesto

A thin layer of fresh basil pesto, on Gonnella sour dough, with a blend of mozzarella &

Havarti, finished up with a layer of roasted red pepper.

The Fleetwood Mac & Cheese

Serendipity’s homemade macaroni & cheese melted in between two slices of Gonnella

sour dough.

The Georgia Gentleman

Homemade jalapeno peach salsa, mixed up with a Havarti & mozzarella cheese blend,

on Gonnella sour dough.

The Margherita

Mozzarella infused with Italian herbs & garlic, with Roma tomatoes, and fresh basil,

on Gonnella sour dough.

The Chili Relleno

Layers of Monterey jack cheese, roasted poblano pepper, fresh Pico de Gallo, fried egg,

and cotija cheese, on Gonnella sour dough.

Tony Soprano

Baked ziti in our homemade marinara, with extra Parmesan, loaded on Gonnella sour

dough, with shredded mozzarella for good measure.

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