Included Nom Noms

Corn Chips - Flour Tortillas - Chopped Romaine - Shredded Co - Jack Cheese - Fresh Salsa Sour Cream - Pickled Jalapenos - Poblano Cheese Sauce - Red Onion - Cilantro

Shredded Lettuce - Pico de Gallo - Diced Tomato - Guacamole - Salsa Lizano

Spicy Ranch Dressing


Seasoned Ground Beef

Perfect combination of seasonings, steeped into extra lean ground beef.

Pulled Pork

Indiana raised pork shoulder, braised, pulled, and finished in Mojo marinade.

Shredded Chicken

Indiana raised chicken breasts, shredded with you choice of our classic seasoning,

or Mojo marinade.

Sofritas (vegan)

Tofu with hints of cumin, oregano, coriander, in our chipotle & poblano pepper red sauce.

Taco, Nachos, & Taco Salad Bar

Drop & Go Menu

• $11/person pick 2 Meats, Complete Meal Package included

• $12/person pick 3 Meats, Complete Meal Package included

• $13/person pick 4 Meats, Complete Meal Package included

All Complete Meal Packages come with the plates, forks, napkins, salad bowls, spoons, cups for drinks and ice, serving utensils, and chafing racks.

*All meals will automatically include our saffron rice, refried beans, and choice of dessert.

We can design the pricing and menu choices to meet your budget.

Add Ons

Black Bean Corn Salsa… $15 (serves 30)

Seasoned Ribeye Steak… $3/person (minimum order may apply)

Spicy Shrimp… $3/person (minimum order may apply)

Queso Dip… $25 (serves 30)

Chori-Queso Dip… $35 (serves 30)

Crunchy Taco Shell… $.50/person (or substitute for free)

Corn Tortilla… $.50/person (or substitute for free)

Sautéed Bell Pepper Trio…$.75/person

Soda 2 Liter… $2/each (includes cups & ice)

Bottled Water… $.75/each

*Verterra Package… $1.50/person

(includes 9”x9” plate & flatware pack)



Crispy fried flour tortillas, dusted with cinnamon & sugar,

served with our brandy butter on the side.

Assorted Cookies

Chocolate chunk, chocolate chip, oatmeal & raisin, sugar, and peanut butter.