Hickory Smoked Pork

Indiana raised pork, custom rub, and smoked for 14 hours, shredded and served with our homemade BBQ sauces, from the Carolina’s, Memphis, and Texas.

Beer Can Chicken

We’ll infuse your favorite brew; hopefully local, into our Indiana raised chickens, complete with a custom rub, and slow cook them to perfection, with your choice of our BBQ trio. On the bone, or off and shredded… You tell us!

Baby Back Ribs

Yep, you guessed it… Indiana raised, custom rub, slow smoked, BBQ trio… Any questions?

Braised Brisket

Braised overnight for “Fork cut” tender, sliced thin, and served with our BBQ trio.

Backyard BBQ Drop and Go Menu

• $13/person (2 meats & 2 sides), Complete Meal Package included

• $15/person (3 meats & 3 sides), Complete Meal Package included

All Complete Meal Packages come with the plates, forks, napkins, salad bowls, spoons, cups for drinks and ice, serving utensils, and chafing racks.

*All meals will automatically include our house salad with dressing, Slaw, buns, and choice of dessert.

We can design the pricing and menu choices to meet your budget.


Red Coats

Red skinned potatoes, gently coated with layers of celery, shallot, fresh dill, smoked Himalayan sea salt, and real, homemade mayonnaise.

Grilled Corn

Fresh Indiana grown sweet corn, grilled in husk, and served with clarified butter, sea salt, and fresh cracked pepper.

Nana’s Baked Beans

These beans have a serious history; they’ve been to over 75 Indianapolis 500’s, sought after by local businesses, and I’ m 1 of 2 people with the recipe. Don’ t tell my mom!

Classic Mac & Cheese

Cavatappi pasta tossed in our house Mornay, topped with even more cheesy goodness.

Included Goodies


Our creamy homemade dressing with apple undertones, coating 2 cabbages, a little daikon, and a touch shaved red onion.

House Salad

Mixed field greens, with candied pecans, cherry tomatoes, shaved red onion, and peppered goat cheese, served with our creamy pomegranate vinaigrette.

Ribs Option

1/3 Rack (4-5 bones)

Turano Buns

Sesame seeded buns or slider buns.


Strawberry Shortcake

No canned whipped topping here… we do everything from scratch!

Assorted Cookies

Chocolate chunk, chocolate chip, oatmeal & raisin, sugar, and peanut butter.


Add Ons

Jalapeno Cornbread… $15 (serves 30)

Turano Brioche Buns… $.75/person

Pasta Salad… $15 (serves 30)

Collard Greens… $35 (serves 30)

Devil’d Eggs… $15 (2 dozen eggs)

Extra Ribs… $4/person

(for extra 1/3 rack (4-5 bones)

Soda 2 Litre… $2/each

(includes cups & ice)

Bottled Water… $.75/each

*Verterra Package… $1.50/person

(includes 9”x9” plate & flatware pack)